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As a freelance website designers, we provide affordable solutions and extremely fast turn-around time for the following:

  • Website Creation
  • Website Hosting 
  • Website Maintenance 
  • Secure email (ssl) hosting 
  • Online store (e-store) setup 
  • Online Community setup
  • Domain Acquisition 
  • Graphic Design (for print or web) 
  • Always A+ Personal Service


We use many available open source software solutions to keep our cost down, which in turn keeps your costs down. These include, but are not limited to:


opensource logo-transJoomla



OS Ticket

Horde (email)

Squirrel Mail (email)

RoundCube (email)

and many more


The key to a successful website in todays world is the abilty to change your website information or design as needed. We employ content management systems (CMS) to accomplish this goal. In the days of HTML coding all changes needed to be made via the source code, which usually resided on the web designers computer. Now, with CMS we are able to design the website on the server, and thus make changes on "the fly", by use of a log in secured online administration panel. This gives the website OWNER the ability to manage his/her own website with very minimal training. It's all about flexibility!